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What I can offer

My practice is based near the Devon and Somerset border in South West England, providing teletherapy (and home visits in some circumstances):

  • Assessments, short courses, training and signposting, intensives, mentoring, review, support.
  • Liaison with others according to your requirements including family, friends, other professionals.
  • Training for professionals and those in client support networks
  • Expert advice on communication and swallowing disorders.


I use telehealth (videoconferencing, also called teletherapy) following the COVID-19 pandemic, with good results.

When face-to-face contact is difficult, teletherapy is the next best thing. In some cases, it may even be easier than a clinic visit!

I support clients and the people in their support network, for assessment, advice and therapy. We agree bespoke intervention plans based on evidence-based practice, according to individual requirements. Clients come with a whole range of issues, including stroke, head injury or neurological change, but of course everyone is different.

Most of my work is via Zoom. We can start with a simple phone-call and email to set things up. You don’t need prior experience of Zoom, just email access, a computer or laptop screen large enough for you to see easily, and a quiet, private, well-lit place to have the appointment.

I use a system which allows you to view two channels at once:

  • see me in real time over a video call (such as Zoom on your PC)
  • see a live feed of resources (e.g. using an iPad for practice and communication)

This system works like showing resources to a client in the clinic. If you are new to teletherapy it takes a little while to adjust. For example, eye contact is less natural in a video call.

Using video calls I can help clients setting up Apps at home for practice. I can also demonstrate and support clients with exercises and practical resources for communication.

Do complete the contact form if you are interested. I will try to accommodate your needs.

I’ve captured a still of what it might look like. You can see me pointing to the words and waving at the same time.

Below I am working face-to-face in a client visit before the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar techniques can work via teletherapy.

Understanding and using strategies
Using Communication Books
Using Apps to help speech
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