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I value feedback to make improvements.

My feedback questionnaires ask about the following areas:

  • supporting people and their family or friends
  • providing information
  • giving practical help and advice
  • giving confidence

Over the last year all the clients have expressed the maximum level of satisfaction with these aspects of New Pathways Speech and Language Therapy.

“Using Zoom is a lot easier and better as it cuts down the travelling and is more relaxed being in your own home surroundings.”

(Relative of a person with severe aphasia. They said what helped most was the support to find and use Apps like CueSpeak on the iPad).

“I really enjoyed speech therapy over Zoom because during a busy season it took away the travelling time! It was also lovely to be able to have a break and pop the kettle on, I really liked the pace of the Zoom sessions. Perhaps the only negative was seeing myself on the screen all the time which could be off-putting!”

(Professional modifying long-standing articulation difficulties, Cullompton). 

“Kath was a brilliant therapist – very friendly and helpful. She has helped my son enormously. I can’t recommend her enough”

(Parent of a man with severe aphasia following a head injury, North Devon).

“I am more than grateful for the way you have brought my wife forward. Since she started therapy she has improved immensely. Thank you”

(Husband of someone with profound aphasia who had no system of communication initially, Weston-super-Mare).

“I enjoyed our session and find your notes accurate - yeah I do tend to go with intuitive organisation and your notes have helped me as well as your session. You are good.” 

(Therapist accessing supervision, Wales)

“Exploring your own speech patterns can feel exposing, but I felt very safe and supported during the sessions. I’m so pleased that I got in touch with Kath! It has made a genuine difference to my communication and I have plenty of exercises to use to keep up the practice!

The practical help and advice given in speech therapy by Kath has increased my awareness of areas to watch out for like air-flow and speech techniques. It has left me feeling more confident that I can improve sounds that were bothering me which has given me a boost in my communication. Kath also highlighted parts of my speech which could be improved if I wanted to work on them – these were areas I was unaware of previously so I found this insight really valuable.” 

(Young professional in a role where communication is essential, Mid Devon)

“Kath was excellent with my father who had a complex neurological diagnosis which impacted his speech. She was kind, patient and caring with us all and it made the process really easy. We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with her and would recommend her to others” 

(Relative from South Devon, commenting on the experience of therapy using videoconferencing)

“I found my sessions with Katharyn most helpful and she was able to equip me with the tools to help with my speech and language following my stroke 18 months ago both on the personal basis and also professional. I found her sessions were excellent ….particularly the relaxing techniques that she taught me” 

(Person with aphasia, West Midlands)

“He asked me to say a big thank you for all you shared and gave to him. Your deep knowledge and inventive use of alternative ways to help increase his articulacy were much appreciated, things he enjoyed and learnt from. It was also just really nice to meet you. Good energy.” 

(Wife of a person with severe expressive aphasia and apraxia of speech, terminal illness, South Devon)

“Very pleased with the service received. Kath is able to deal quickly and thoroughly with any questions. Very supportive and helpful. I have been given my voice back.” 

(Client accessing therapy whilst undergoing ataxia diagnosis, Chichester)

“I feel like, for now, I have a good grip on my outlook and my speech....I learnt a lot from you that I am using every day so I am very grateful. And thank you for helping me find my feet again.” 

(Client with a stammer completing a short course of therapy, Somerset)

“Thank you Kath, your advice and support has been a tremendous help.” 

(Client with voice and articulation impairment from a collision, needing diagnosis and therapy for a head and neck tumour, Kenya)

“Thankyou so much for your support, advice and empathy in this difficult time.  Discussing the problem with you was like a weight being lifted and focusing on the exercises gave me something to work with to help with my speech. It felt like you were always delivering the support that I needed.” 

(Client with progressive neurological impairment affecting speech and swallowing, Somerset)

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